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Spike's Listing Tips

Here are a few tips from Spike to keep you focused on the things that matter most. Let us handle the scheduling, so you don’t have to. 

1. To avoid "duplicate" showing requests from other scheduling companies, disable all "online" appointments with other scheduling services.  

2. If showing agents call or text you to schedule showings, please DO NOT schedule for them. Instead, direct agents to download the mobile app via the APP Store or Play Store or go to 

3. In your MLS showing instructions post the following…”To schedule a showing, download the mobile app or go to

Listing TIPS


What is Showing Pro Services?

Who does Showing Pro Services serve?

We provide a scheduling system for real estate professionals. We understand that agents need the right tools. At Showing Pro Services, the user experience is our focus. Our goal was to make showing approval much more manageable for buyers, sellers, and agents. The Showing Pro Services mobile app is the perfect mobile solution for agents on the go. We serve you, the hardworking real estate professional.  

Why is Showing Pro Services the best option to schedule showings?

At Showing Pro Services, transparency is paramount. There are no hidden costs. Our subscriptions and pricing are simple. Any licensed, active real estate agent, broker, inspector, or appraiser can request showings after creating a free BASIC account and undergoing a license verification process. Licensee verification typically occurs within minutes but can take up to an hour for appraisers and inspectors. BASIC accounts are the perfect solution for appraisers and inspectors. 

Agent and Broker subscribers can upgrade to AGENT PRO. As an AGENT PRO subscriber, you can enjoy full access to all Showing Pro Services features for $24.95 per month. AGENT PRO subscriptions include; unlimited listings, unlimited showings, reports, agent feedback, and mobile app access. All subscriptions auto-renew every month. 

No smoke and mirrors here! No hidden monthly fees. Just $24.95 for complete access to all that Showing Pro Services has to offer.  

Why is Showing Pro Services a great scheduling option for real estate agents?

As real estate professionals, we understand all too well that time is your most valuable commodity. By creating agent-centered mobile technology, our goal was to improve the quality of life of the real estate professionals we serve. We hope you enjoy all of the great benefits that Showing Pro Services has to offer. 

How do I get started in Showing Pro Services?

Sign up for AGENT PRO!

By upgrading to AGENT PRO, you now have access to the ultimate leverage for Real Estate Agents. AGENT PRO subscribers enjoy unlimited listings, unlimited scheduling, direct feedback, showing reports, a dedicated customer support team, and mobile app access.   

You may create a free BASIC account. This will allow scheduling only and will not include Mobile App access or other AGENT PRO features.

How much does Showing Pro Services cost?

Showing Pro Services believes that transparency is the key to building long-lasting relationships. With many scheduling companies, it's nearly impossible to locate customer pricing on their websites. At Showing Pro Services, there are two subscription levels available. AGENT PRO subscribers will find that the benefits far outweigh the cost of a monthly subscription. 

BASIC subscribers can schedule free and unlimited showings. BASIC accounts are the perfect solution for inspectors and appraisers who have no interest in agent feedback, listings, and reports.

AGENT PRO subscribers enjoy full access to all features of Showing Pro Services. Including; Showing Pro Services mobile scheduling app, unlimited listings, unlimited showings, showing reports, and direct feedback.

How does Showing Pro Services work?

How do I schedule a showing? 

At Showing Pro Services, we take easy scheduling to a whole new level! 

There are two ways of scheduling a showing through SPS. 

Mobile APP:  All subscribers can download the mobile app by simply going to the PLAY STORE or APP STORE. Search and download Showing Pro Services, the mobile app. Create a FREE Basic account. 

Desktop/Mobile/Tablet: Simply log into your account (You must create an account)

  1. Select "Schedule a New Showing"

  2. Search and select a property.

  3. Select the desired day and time.

  4. Select: "Submit Showing"

  5. You will receive a text message containing a link to the showing instructions. 

How do I export my contacts?

NOTE - You must subscribe to AGENT PRO in order to access this feature.


Login to your account>Select the “Contacts” icon. You can now add individual contacts, upload a list of contacts via csv. spreadsheet, download and export a contact list via csv. 

How do I access my reports?

NOTE - You must subscribe to AGENT PRO in order to access the reports feature of Showing Pro Service.


Login to your account>Select “Reports” icon. Reports allow you to easily access both listing and showing reports.

What happens to my info?

Does Showing Pro Services sell my information?

Showing Pro Services is dedicated to protecting you and your clients to the best of our ability. We do NOT sell your information nor do we have any interest in collecting, mining or using your client’s information for anything other than scheduling showings on your listings.  

Does Showing Pro Services use my client’s info? 

Showing Pro Services is not in the data collection business. Information that you input into Showing Pro Services is intended to be utilized to authorize showings for your buyers and sellers and for your information purposes and client lists. 

Can I remove MY client’s info from Showing Pro Services?

If you decide to cancel your Showing Pro Services, you have the option to “PERMANENTLY REMOVE” your client’s information from our system. Showing Pro Services does not collect or sell your data or your client’s information for any use outside the scope of showing activities.  

How do I cancel my subscription to AGENT PRO?

You are free to cancel your AGENT PRO subscription at any time. Once your account is canceled, your subscription will revert to an SPS “BASIC” FREE account with only unlimited showings. Cancellations must occur prior to the 20th day after subscription renewal or you may be billed for following month.

What happens to my listing information if when I cancel my AGENT PRO account?

Information that you have input into the system will automatically be deleted on day 91 after reverting to a BASIC account. On day 91 your listing data, reports, and contacts will be automatically deleted. As a BASIC account user, you will no longer have access to data previously input into the system. This includes; listings, reports, contacts, and communications. 

What happens if I don’t pay my monthly subscription to Showing Pro Services?

In the event your payment method fails, payment must be remitted via PayPal within 7 days of your due date. Failure to provide a valid payment method may result in only “BASIC” account access. User will not longer have access to listings , reports, contacts and communications. You may resubscribe to AGENT PRO within 90 days in order to have access. On day 91 all information may be purged from the system for BASIC subscribers. 

Can I request a refund?

Showing Pro Services does NOT issue refunds. In the event you are unsatisfied with Showing Pro Services, you may cancel your account and revert to a “BASIC” free account. As long as canceled prior to the 20th day, the user will not be charged on the next billing cycle. The account must be canceled by day 20. 


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