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1. What is Showing Pro Services?

Who is Spike?

Spike is the spokespenguin for Showing Pro Services! Spike is a Fairy penguin born and raised near the St. Kilda Pier, just outside Melbourne, Australia.  


It was Spike’s parents who instilled a love of real estate for Spike and his brothers. Spike’s parents Charlotte and Oliver spent their careers selling beachfront properties to their friends and family near Sydney. After years of listening to his Mum and Dad complain about how complicated, expensive and boring technology was for them, he partnered with some American friends and, created Showing Pro Services! 


Showing Pro Services or SPS, was designed by real estate agents for real estate agents. Because, lets face it, real estate can be hard enough. The goal, to enhance the lives and careers of real estate professionals by creating easy to use, fun, affordable, safe technology.  

Who does Showing Pro Services serve?

Showing Pro Services was designed by agents for agents. Our systems were designed to assist Agents, Brokers, Appraisers and Inspectors with their scheduling needs. Having spent many years ourselves showing homes, we believe that in order to be successful, agents need the right tools, systems and
leverage. We are dedicated to providing those tools to the agents we serve.

Why is Showing Pro Services the best option to schedule showings?

Unlike our competitors, Showing Pro Services was created by real estate agents for real estate agents. Having spent our careers selling at a high level our founders have a unique perspective on serving the needs of hardworking real estate professionals. Showing Pro Services was designed and built with you, the agent in mind. Easy to navigate, fun, affordable and created to leverage every agent’s most valuable resource; time.  

Why is Showing Pro Services a great scheduling option for real estate agents?

We understand all too well, that time is your most valuable commodity. Our goal is simple; to create technology that improves the quality of lives of the real estate professionals we serve.  

2. How do I get started in Showing Pro Services (SPS)?

Why should I upgrade to Agent Pro in Showing Pro Services? 

By upgrading to Agent Pro, you will have access to all that Showing Pro Services (SPS) has to offer. Including; SPS listings, SMS updates, dedicated customer support, contact information, ability to export listing and showing reports and of course all of the “Basic” showing features. 

How do I add a shortcut to my mobile device? 

IOS/iPhone or iPad:

  • Begin by opening "Safari" internet App

  • Press the square "share" symbol at the bottom/center of your screen

  • Scroll down to select "Add to Home Screen" pres + symbol

  • Press "Add" on the upper right corner of the screen that says "Add to Home Screen"

  • Press and hold to drag to the desired location on your device's home screen


  • Begin opening "Samsung" Internet App

  • Select the three lines on the bottom right of the screen

  • Select "Add page to"

  • Select Homescreen

  • Edit the shortcut name 

  • Select "Add"

  • The shortcut should now be on one of your screens

  • Press and hold to drag to the desired location on your device home screen

What is a Showing Pro Services “brokerage code” and do I need one?

The brokerage code is designed for Brokerage/group sales to allow the Brokerage Admin to purchase user seats for agents within their brokerage. The code can be entered by agents in lieu of payment information to create Agent Pro accounts in SPS. Thereby, allowing the brokerage to pay for the monthly subscription on behalf of the agent/user.  A brokerage code can be obtained by registering as a Brokerage Admin, selecting the number of seats/users and inputting payment information. Customer support can also issue a brokerage code upon inputting your payment details. Brokerage codes will be emailed to agents when their brokerage admin registers for a new account and remits payment information.  If you are an individual agent or broker who is subscribing for a single user, no brokerage code is needed. 

How much is Showing Pro Services?

Showing Pro Services has three types of subscription. Sign-up for a FREE Basic account and start scheduling!


1. Basic – (FREE) Any licensed real estate agent, inspector or appraiser who registers for a FREE “Basic” account can use Showing Pro Services to request and schedule showings for a property or properties. 


2. Agent Pro - Real estate agents and broker associates who would like to utilize Showing Pro Services to facilitate showings in their listings must subscribe to Agent Pro. Agent Pro subscribers will be charged $24.95 per month and auto-renew at the same time every month. 


3. Brokerage Pro – Real Estate Brokers and brokerage admins who have additional users (agents or teams) can subscribe to Brokerage Pro.  Brokerage Pro subscribers will be charged $24.95 per month, auto-renewing at the end of each 30-day period. They alone will be responsible for payment for all of the user seats purchased at signup.   

3. How does Showing Pro Services (SPS) work?

How do I schedule a showing? 

Showing Pro Services is all about easy, convenient and fast! 


There are two ways of scheduling a showing through SPS. 


1. Schedule online via our website at showingproservices.com 


2. Contact our amazing SPS support team by phone at 1-855-4SHOWIT

> Simply log into your account

> Select “Showings” from the left menu or the box on the right side of your screen.

> Search for the desired property using; MLS number, property address or SPS showing code (An SPS showing code is generated for each listing in our system). 

> Select the property, select the showing date and showing time, create a new “showing raft” or add to existing “showing raft”, manage the raft journey, create a waddle path. 


Login to your Agent Pro Account

> Select by clicking “Create New Listing” 

> Enter Property Information > Appointment Settings>Appointment Information >  Appointment Restrictions > Access Information > Additional Instructions > Upload photo or documents to be viewable by showing agents.

> Press “submit new listing”

How do I export my contacts?

NOTE - You must subscribe to Agent Pro in order to access this feature.


Login to your account>Select the “Contacts” menu on the left or the “Contacts” square icon. From this section you can add an individual contact, upload a list of contacts via csv. spreadsheet, download and export a contact list via csv. Spreadsheet. 

How do I access my reports?

NOTE - You must subscribe to Agent Pro in order to access the reports feature of Showing Pro Service.


Login to your account>Select “Reports” menu on the left or the “Reports” square icon. From there you can access your listing reports menu. 

4. What happens to my info?

Does Showing Pro Services sell my information?

Showing Pro Services is dedicated to protecting you and your clients to the best of our ability. We do NOT sell your information nor do we have any interest in collecting, mining or using your client’s information for anything other than scheduling showings on your listings.  

Does Showing Pro Services use my client’s info? 

Showing Pro Services is not in the data collection business. We have zero interest in your client’s information. Any client information that you input into Showing Pro Services is intended to be utilized to authorize showings for your buyers and sellers and for your information purposes and client lists. 

Can I remove MY client’s info from Showing Pro Services?

If you decide to cancel your Showing Pro Services paid Agent Pro account, you have the option to “PERMANENTLY REMOVE” your client’s information from our system. Showing Pro Services does not collect or sell your data or your client’s information for any use outside the scope of SPS showing activities. If you fail to remove your client’s information, the information may remain in our system for 90 days. 

How do I cancel my Agent Pro or Brokerage Admin account?

You are free to cancel your Showing Pro Services Agent Pro account at any time. Once your account is cancelled, your subscription will revert to an SPS “BASIC” FREE account. You will not be charged for the next billing cycle and can choose to upgrade back to “AGENT PRO” at any point in order to access other SPS features. Cancellations must be made VIA PayPal and within at least 3 days of subscription auto-renewal.

What happens to my listing information if when I cancel my Agent Pro account?

Your listing data, reports and contacts will be automatically deleted from SPS and inaccessible when you cancel your Agent Pro or Brokerage Admin account. 

What happens if I don’t pay my monthly subscription to Showing Pro Services?

In the event your payment method fails, payment must be remitted via PayPal within 7 days of your due date. Failure to provide a valid payment method may result in only “BASIC” only SPS access and all listing data, reports and contacts may be inaccessible until payment is remitted via Paypal. 

Can I request a refund?

Showing Pro Services (SPS) does NOT issue refunds. In the event you are unsatisfied with Showing Pro Services, you may cancel your account and revert to “BASIC” free account status. You will not be charged on the next billing cycle. The account must be cancelled at least 3 days prior to auto-renewal or the account cancellation will not be processed until the next billing cycle. Accounts may be cancelled by going into your account and following the prompt.